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Thriving After Maternity Leave

Recent statistics show that, when you look at how many mothers return to work after maternity leave, about 10 percent of women don't go back within a year. And as many as 43 percent of highly qualified women with children are leaving their careers at some point in their lifetimes.  On average, replacing these highly qualified employees costs $40,000. This is a huge cost to companies (and the attrition isn't always neccesary).


And for those that do return to work post baby, most employees report experiencing self doubt, a mix of emotions, and trouble performing at the level they did pre-baby. This leads to lower productivity from the individual, increasing stress on the team (and company) as a whole.


If you can relate to any of this, I can help.  Often, a hit of extra support, catered to a new parent's needs and concerns during this crucial time of transition, makes all the difference. My program enhances employee confidence, improves work-life integration, and smooths the transition back to work in a deeply meaningful way.  To the individual, and to the company.

What I Offer

Here's how my coaching package can benefit your employees, and your organization:


  • Smooth Transition: My passion is helping new parents navigate the transition back to work smoothly. By providing personalized support and guidance, I empower employees to adapt to their new work-life balance, manage time effectively, and set realistic goals.

  • Enhanced Confidence: Returning to work after maternity leave often comes with a mix of emotions and self-doubt. My coaching program is designed to boost employees' confidence and self-belief. I focus on developing strategies to overcome challenges, build resilience, and capitalize on their strengths, enabling them to perform at their best.

  • Improved Work-Life Integration: Achieving a healthy work-life integration is essential for employee satisfaction and productivity. My coaching package offers valuable insights and techniques to help employees effectively juggle their personal and professional responsibilities, leading to increased engagement, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being.

  • Retention and Employee Loyalty: By offering my coaching package, you demonstrate a genuine commitment to your employees' personal and professional growth. This investment in their success will foster a culture of support and loyalty, significantly contributing to employee retention and long-term satisfaction within your organization.

  • Positive Organizational Impact: Empowered employees who feel valued and supported are more likely to perform at their peak, contribute innovative ideas, and actively engage in their work. By providing my coaching package, you can create a positive ripple effect throughout your organization, boosting productivity, teamwork, and ultimately, your bottom line


What is the course like?  New parents are busy. I get it.  That's why I've made the package efficient, and highly impactful.  Logistically, the course includes:

  • Ten (45-minute 1:1) coaching sessions with me via zoom, with the option to record. Typically, clients schedule 5 weekly sessions before returning from maternity leave, 4 directly upon returning, and then use one final session for a dose of support precisely when needed over the coming months.

  •  10 Video lessons for the client to watch and digest in between sessions. 15 minutes, to the point, highly impactful information to help them through the transition of returning to work after maternity/paternity leave

The package is $1950, per employee, all in. It is my passion to provide support to new parents so that returning to work is an empowering experience that also aligns with your overall business objectives.

Curious if this could benefit your team? 

Let's hop on a call and discuss

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