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Hi! I'm Hadley!


Let's start at the beginning.....

So much of my childhood was precious.  From gymnastics, family camping trips and climbing trees as a kid, to varsity soccer/track/skiing and becoming valedictorian as a teenager....precious memories of curiosity, hard work, and success abound.  At that time, it all also seemed very linear….the work-hard-to-achieve-success-and-happiness line of action was allllll solidified in that little brain of mine.


And then, when I was in college, my only brother took his own life.


That one action changed everything - in my brain, and thus in my life.  I was no longer able to ‘work hard’ enough, or find enough level of ‘success’ to feel happy (and neither could the rest of my family.  Seeing them suffer so much was as hard and disorienting as anything).  Years of therapy helped me navigate that trauma, and taught me the value of looking internally to create peace and happiness for myself. 


For the next decade I went on to enjoy more external success during careers in Tourism and Retail, learning sales and leading people along the way.  I also got married, and had our first child.  Becoming a mother was my biggest dream, my ultimate goal.  My husband and I both wanted to have 3 kids, and for me to stay home with them while they were little.  And that is exactly what I did.

But the thing was……this stay at home mom gig was wayyyyyy harder than I anticipated.  I had been SO GOOD at my jobs outside the home…getting promotions, praise, raises and bonuses across every horizon.  And now at home, it was tantrums, dirty diapers, and never-doing-enough across those once fulfilling (but now overwhelming) horizons. AND my marriage was hard.  Not like, cute flirty hard, like we were in a phase where I barely recognized my beloved husband.  And even scarier, I barely recognized myself.

I was doing exactly what I had wanted, living into exactly what we had worked so hard to create, and from the outside many thought I was thriving (hello exotic family trips and healthy beautiful kids).  And in those external ways, I was thriving.  But internally,  I wasn't satisfied.  Far from it. The tools I had learned during years of therapy definitely helped, and I could deeply appreciate everything I had.  But still…. many days, I felt more overwhelm and confusion than the joy and pride I had envisioned.

Thankfully, I found Life Coaching.   It was right after the birth of our 3rd child, during the seemingly endless hours of nursing, that I found the Life Coach School Podcast. Listening to it during feedings became my new habit, and I began to realize some of my old patterns of thinking that might not be working for me anymore.  I hired a coach from the school in 2020 to further dive into the work, and hopefully find some satisfaction, joy and confidence in this 'dream life' I created. 


After working 1:1 with my coach, that's exactly what happened.  Specifically:

#1. I had new perspectives on my current life. None of my current circumstances had changed (yet). I still had 3 kids  under 5, my entrepreneur husband was still very busy with his 3 businesses, and we were still in the midst of a global pandemic.  But it all felt so different. New neural pathways had formed in my brain, and these new ways of thinking were helping me not just enjoy my current life more (which definitely did  happen), but they also helped me see what was possible that I hadn't seen before.  For an analogy (I love analogies) if my life was a ship, I was confidently getting back to the captain's wheel.  Even when the waters got choppy, I now had the skills to safely steer the vessel.


Which leads me right into #2. Parts of my life that felt stuck, like there were no other options, suddenly felt much lighter.  Not as heavy.  Things that used to have me waking up in the middle of the night in complete fear (hello finances, the future of our family, and how am I going to get everything done this week) now felt manageable.  Sometimes even abundant, and fun.  The new perspectives were opening up new possibilities in my life, in real time. Back to the ship analogy, not only did I now have control of the vessel, I was now also steering it in the direction I wanted to go (and sleeping peacefully at night). SO so fun.  


Through this experience, I knew the next direction I wanted to go, my calling, was to become a Life Coach myself. 

This work is life changing, and I am here to lead you through it.


The secret to changing your life or career is changing how you Think

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